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We are an owner-managed, medium-sized software company which has specialized since 1997 in the development of technical / business software. We offer our customers all necessary services besides standard and customized software to implement complex software solutions successfully and economically in the daily business. Therefore, optimally qualified consultants with different professional backgrounds are available.

Flexibility is our strength. We are your partner whenever it is necessary to integrate new software solutions into existing environments, to develop interfaces and to import data from external systems or from any measuring system.

Please feel free to contact us. We would like to inform you about projects from the sector or comparable companies.



speedikon® C is a completely web-oriented software and data platform for technical-, production- and service-oriented business processes. It supports flexible and highly data-oriented workflows which are required by most companies in the future.

Today it is already clear that data availability is detached from location and time. Therefore, information must always and everywhere be available in high quality.

Formalised processes are taken over by machines and relieve people of routine work. Ad hoc collection of information procurement and information linkage are becoming increasingly important and contribute to making quick decisions based on reliable data.

Large data volumes are available from being directly linked to machines and their sensors (IoT) must be monitored automatically and are waiting for intelligent evaluations. At the same time, the transparency must not suffer. Each measured value and every calculation must be completely comprehensible.

Since the market launch of speedikon®C, we have dedicated ourselves to these challenges. Today, we have IT-technical tools to recreate our environment (buildings, installations, machines, products, etc.) realistically on the computer and provide them with all necessary data for technical and production-oriented processes as well as monitoring, safety and quality.

Basically, we create geometrical, logical and temporal connections of individual components (objects). Therefore, we have a digital model which can be used to plan and test all processes.

By including measured values ​​in real time and results of executed processes, we get a "digital twin" with an arbitrarily long and comprehensive memory which can be read, analysed and compared by us at any time.

We are only starting to develop the potential of this model together with our customers.

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