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New products, applications and functional modules are created through intensive research and development.
We examine which new IT methods are suitable for our programs, what advantage they have for our customers and how the long-term availability will be.

Four years ago after extensive tests we decided to change our whole system (speedikon C) since the basic software in the WEB has reached the performance.

A wide field of research is the digitisation and data import of machines and installations (IoT). The first product was a high-frequency measurement data collection and monitoring based on InfluxDB. This development has great potential for monitoring mass data and supporting follow-up processes like maintenance and life cycle management.

BIM, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are topics that we are exploring regarding applicability and benefit for our business areas. We are less concerned about the basic developments here, but we try to combine the existing techniques with our methods in order to provide us with useful applications.

The developments of a digital twin for buildings, machines, installations and manufactured products are well advanced. The last aspect is researched in a project together with TU Darmstadt (DiK data processing in construction).

We invite customers and interested parties to work with us together in the mentioned research fields.. We look forward to hearing from you.