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The integration capability of our software into existing environments in order to fill in the gaps in digital processes is another unique feature.

Modern interface concepts (e.g., web services) allow us to connect to existing systems. We have many years of experience with regard to communication with SAP applications. ERP systems often have the data leadership for assets, orders and costs, cost centres as well as for all employee-related data in the fields of CAFM, maintenance and services. Therefore, ongoing data reconciliation is unavoidable.

In the future, the connection of machines and systems regarding IoT and Industry 4.0 will play an increasingly important role. Here we bridge the gap between field level and cloud and ensure that measured data are available with high security in the required quality.

We use established interfaces for data exchange or develop new interfaces if necessary. We store collected data in suitable databases depending on measurement frequency and type.  In order to deal with large amounts of data, we rely on edge computing which relieves the communication with the cloud system.

Graphics in form of 2- or 3-dimensional models can efficiently support processes in many places. The import and conversion into a suitable format as well as the integration into the process flow requires special know-how that we have maintained and developed for many years. We have import and export interfaces to the most important graphic formats including IFC, the exchange format for BIM data.

We are also happy to assist you with consulting services for integration concepts regardless of our software solutions – benefit from our know-how.

Digitisation concepts are only effective if process chains are closed across different applications.
We assist you with the systematic digitalisation.